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It's actually like every year. In January we thought it would be a great idea start planing a really "big" summer vacation. A six weeks climbing trip to North America or maybe New Zealand, we always wanted to go to New Zealand. To roam into the distance with our three kids, that sounded like a really good plan. Then, a few moments later, the diary filled up very slowly and in a backwards way. Okay, only one job in the beginning of our vacation... Not to forget the birthday of our Filius. So maybe we stay in Europe, Albania or the Pyrenees. Then an offer to my wife. Sure, we both work. Equal rights! Oh, and the annual cleaning in kindergarten, we must have an eye on this one. Last year we missed it, which didn't gave us good reviews.
In short, the holiday shrinks and shrinks. That smells like an adventure at home! We have no desire for exploited package destinations or holiday apartments in the alpine foothills. We asked ourselves whether we can do a trip without a car and what distances we can cover on foot. All in all, no revolutionary considerations, but three kids are changing the access to alpine spaces. So by train to Garmisch and then on to the Zugspitzblatt. From here we wanted to start and followed the trails downhill to warm up a bit. Included are two tents, sleeping bags, mats, stoves, clothes, diapers, milk powder, snacks, cuddly toys and various useless things. The one-year-old Leander makes himself comfortable text to  his mom in the child carrier. He enjoyed silently. The motivation was great! We took the gate towards Leutasch and past the Hohe Munde into the Inn valley. After the first few days, some wild rainy nights, alpine cattles and grumpy hunters had already been part of the story. A day off gave us time to dry out. In the Ötztal we took the western mountain range. It's beautiful there, so beautiful! Mushrooms, raspberries and blueberries fired the exhausted souls en masse. In the evenings we camped on rushing streams and felt free! We continued to fight our way through. From Sölden we hiked up towards Timmelsjoch and tada, we found ourselves in the Passeier Valley. The main alpine ridge was history. The weather was not always flawless, but now towards the end it showed up great againt. We've all been proud. The children about themselves and we about them. From St. Leonhard we drove by bus down to the Vinschgau and then took the train home from Merano via Bolzano.
What remained was an extremely fulfilled feeling. We had been on the road for two weeks and this trip has been as intense as no other trip before. It shaped us as a family and it was more than nice to see that the joy of movement and the love of nature can be passed on so easily, if you just try ...

Thank you Globetrooter-Magazin for publishing our story. 

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