Foto: Thomas Merz
Bayerischer Rundfunk, Bergauf Bergab
Reini Scherer
Malte Roeper
Thomas Merz, Roli Striemitzer, Tobi Karpinski
Reini Scherer is a fascinating allrounder and undoubtedly one of the climbing pioneers of modern times. With the Tivoli and later with the KI, he set visionary new standards in terms of training facilities in climbing. As a coach he formed and supported world class athletes during their way to the top and besides all that, he is one of the most important developer of new sports- and multi pitch climbing routes of his generation in the eastern alps. By following his dreams, he has the creativity and ability to bring new things to life. This film is a fine portrait about a genius person, who is first and foremost a nice guy, who wants to go climbing. 

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