Bergwelten Magazin
The Bergportrait is a very great format inside the Bergwelten Magazin. It's not only about a mountain range, or a spectacular summit, but also about the local people, their way of life and the cultural and social aspects, that are formed and dictated by the alpine surrounding. 
South Tyrolleans highest mountain, the Ortler, is a very beautiful mountain, no matter from which side. All routes are challenging and every one has it's own beauty. The village of Sulden is located on the foot of the mountain. Allmost every ascent starts from here. 
For this story I had the chance to meet many different people. Josef, a great mountain guide, Arnold, an architect and hotelier, Veronika, a very nice hut keeper, and last but not least, Siegi, a crazy and always happy bike guide. Thank you all for having us and thanks for all the special moments.